The last of the three posts from 10 years ago that I’m revisiting. It’s interesting to me that the themes of play, of experimentation, of failure were as strong then as they seem to be today. What does that tell us? ————– It’s interesting how we use the phrase “play with it” as a synonym […]

Knowledge as Legos™ or what I learned from my 5-yr old

This is the second revisit to my older posts about modular learning. This was originally posted 10 years ago and as much as things have changed, the essence of our search for meaning and understanding remains the same. ——————– My five-year old son Hunter is a philosopher, he just doesn’t know it. I find myself constantly […]

Education is due for a revolution!

I’m following the conversation at the first national level EdCamp, #EdCampUSA and what resonates with me is that education is ripe for a revolution. I hear the passion, the frustration, the yearning, the demand for change in a monolithic institution from the voices both at the event and from those following it. These voices are grow […]